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Commercial Water Source Heat Pumps for Retrofit and New Construction

Commercial water-source heat pumps deliver high performance heating and cooling with exceptional efficiency, are easy to operate and maintain and are noticeably quieter than other traditional H-VAC systems. This will result in optimal comfort, long-lasting durability and significant savings for your business over the lifespan of the unit.

Commercial water source heat pumps come in a broad selection of styles. These styles consist of console or in-room, horizontal or ceiling mounted, and vertical stacked or vertical floor mounted. The broad range of styles suit a variety of applications such as schools, office buildings, health care facilities, condominiums and retirement facilities.

A water source heat pump system is made up of multiple units. At any given time, some units will be operating in the cooling mode and some units will be operating in the heating mode to meet the simultaneous cooling and heating demands of buildings. They are designed for applications where there is a call for heating and cooling throughout much of the year.

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Commercial Water Sourced Heat Pump Advantages

Traditional packaged terminal air conditioner (PTAC) units offer efficiency and installation advantages over other types of forced air central heating systems for common applications such as university dorms, hotels, apartments and office buildings. Water sourced heat pumps are designed to offer additional efficiency over traditional PTAC units due to the ability of water to effectively reject heat to a water loop during warm months and absorb heat from the same loop during the colder months. This added efficiency results in quiet operation and typically a smaller overall footprint for a water source heat pump system. These types of systems are among the highest efficiency systems available on the market today. This means lower energy use and operating costs with the added advantage of reduced maintenance costs as well.

The availability of vertical water source heat pumps make it possible to place units in more convenient locations such as in the ceiling or away from sight areas such as utility rooms or even closets.

NRG Equipment is the North American distributor of Adirondack-Aire products. NRG Equipment is a respected distributor of many types of PTAC units and other HVAC equipment across both Canada and the United States for new construction and retrofit applications. Contact NRG Equipment today to discuss how a commercial water source heat pump can be an efficient and cost-effective way meet your energy needs. 

NRG Equipment Inc. was established in 1993 and the head office is located in Richmond Hill, Ontario.

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